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The Full Story


1920-1988: Based in Upton Cheyney, England, the Hawking Family establish themselves as chrysanthemum growers and became one of the largest in the UK.

1988-2010: A young Peter Hawking established Peter J Hawking Wholesale Flowers Ltd, the business expanded and evolved, transitioning from a car-based operation to a van and eventually a truck-based operation. Setting out from the Bristol Fruit and Flower Wholesale Market, the business travelled along the M4 corridor, searching for and building long-lasting relationships with clients. Peter, met his wife, Jane Hawking (Harris) the owner of Coates Florist Chippenham, who continues to provide valuable insight from a florist's perspective. Strong relationships with English growers were cultivated, allowing us access to a wide array of English flowers throughout the seasons, which we are very fortunate to have!

1995: We meet Bruno, our Italian foliage grower. Cut straight from the mountains and delivered fresh to us!  He provides us with the most gorgeous Cinerea Eucalyptus, Soft Rusucs, Parvifolia, Aralia and Ralphi year round. Throughout the year other foliages are available such as Genista, Viburnum and Olive. A client favourite, we know his foliage will not disappoint!

2010-Present: The business is still based in Bristol and continues to provide a diverse array of British and international flowers. All of our flowers are delivered to our temperature controlled warehouse, and ready for distribution within 24 hours. We have expanded internationally, forming strong partnerships with growers in South America and becoming a Colombian flower ambassador and importer. This has allowed us access to year-round fixed prices on premium products such as roses, alstroemeria, hypericum, and more. This is particularly beneficial during key times of the year such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas when flowers are in exceptional demand, where strong relationships stay true. 

2014: After finishing university and returning from his travels Jacob joins the team bringing some modern changes (the one who made this website!). Aiming to play a major role in the future (so my uncle and auntie can sit back) learns all he can from the team and clients combined. Realises that there isn't just one name for a flower but in fact a Dutch, an English and even a few common names (Eustoma or Lisianthus? Matricharia, Tanicitum or FeverFew?!).

Present-Future: By sourcing flowers locally and internationally, we can provide our customers with a range of high-quality products at competitive prices. Our sourcing from English farms, Dutch auctions, and other reliable sources ensures that we are able to offer a wide selection of flowers to our customers year round. We take pride in our ability to bring the best of both worlds to our customers.

We would like to express our gratitude for taking the time to read about our family business and our approach to providing the best possible service. We hope you have found this small insight informative, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the near future. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we really would love to hear from you.

Peters first lorry

Peters first lorry

Chrysanthemum Nursery

Chrysanthemum Nursery

Hawking Chrysanthemum Nursey

Shoesmith Blooms

Shoesmith Blooms

Hawking Chrysanthemum Nursery

Shoesmith Blooms

Shoesmith Blooms

Hawking Chrysanthemum Nursery


As a close-knit family-run business, we all work together in the warehouse and all get to oversee the inspection of our deliveries.


Peter Hawking

The Owner/Boss/Husband

Strengths: Knows a thing or two about flowers. 
Cons: May've mentioned he's 'Never worked so hard'

Hobbies: Snorkelling, gardening, searching for heron defence and making cocktails.


Jane Hawking

 The real Boss/Wife

Strengths: Manages Peter and owner of Coates Florist
Cons: yet to find one

Hobbies: Gardening, and drinking Peters cocktails.


Jacob Harris

The trainee/Nephew/future

Strengths: Been to uni so knows everything and provides young energy

Cons: Doesn't really know everything

Hobbies: CrossFit, beer, sampling cocktails, and winding up the uncle.

Smiling Businessman

Chris Saunders

Warehouse Manager

Strengths: Organised, 50 years in the flower industry
Cons: Requires coffee and biscuits hourly

Hobbies: Working and trying to organise the rest of us.


Ashley Saunders

The Favourite

Strengths: Can install air-conditioning, makes great coffee and provides additional youth.
Cons: May bump your van

Hobbies: Market laps

Smiling Man with Glasses

The Crowleys'

Couriers (Andy, Ben, mum, dad)

Strengths: Have never let us down
Cons: Lucky dip who's delivering

Hobbies: Trying to sneak extra clients onto each others van


Rupert the beardie

Mascot & Public relations

Strengths: Sleeping, eating and Instafamous
Cons: Poor heron defence and often muddy

Hobbies: Rolling in mud and stealing treats

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