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The search...

The search for the best flowers from around the world has meant that we have formed strong relationships both at home here in the UK and internationally, taking us as far as South America. 

Working directly with growers allows us to follow the the flowers entire journey, from seed through to us, on to our clients and finally their clients, the public. In doing so, we are able to ensure the utmost care is given throughout the whole process, producing the highest quality products!

We are proud to work with our growers and know that will be reflected in the quality they provide. We will try to provide you with a small insight into the history of the growers, providing just a few reasons why we are delighted to work with them today. All pictures are of our products!

The seeds of today, will become the flowers of tomorrow.

Our English Growers

E.M. Cole Farms

Lilies and Tulips

First founded in 1972 by Eric and Mae Cole, and now run by James Cole, this family based farm provides cut flowers always focusing on their exceptional quality! Every year we look forward to being supplied with their tulips, ranging from traditional to fringed, double and our personal favourite parrot Tulips! When they arent busy with tulips, they provide us with lilies which are of the same level of excellence!

Trevor Tyrell

Delphinium, Sweet Williams, Scabious and outdoor Daffodils 

The sight of the best English Scabious and colours of delphinium, ranging from deep purple to sky blue to white are a signal British flower season is well on the way. We sometimes receive a treat of fresh English asparagus too!
P.s Ask about Betty the donkey


Adam Barwell

Antirrhinums and Stocks

Five generations have provided the team with extensive knowledge of growing and cultivating flowers. Always using the latest growing techniques, they ensure the quality they provide is of the highest of standards. With such experience, we have no doubt that this will continue! We love the smell of their wonderful stocks and are sure you will too!

Tatchell & Co Ltd

Hydrangeas, Peonies and Ranunculus

A family-run business producing high-quality British-grown cut flowers since 1947. Their flowers range in variety, but each is as spectacular as the other! 


Martin Searle

English Mixed foliage

Running from October to April, Martin provides us with mixed foliage bundles grown in Tamar Valley, Cornwall. Our clients look forward to this treat as they're always of amazing value! The bundles include Cinerea, Parvifolia, Gunnii, Pitto, and other foliages.

Our International Growers


Italian Foliages

Bruno has become a great friend and has played a key role in why our clients choose us. His foliages really are second to none. Cut fresh from the Italian Alps and delivered straight to us, they are as healthy and fresh as possible. His foliages range from Cinerea Eucalyptus, Parvifolia, Soft Ruscus and many more. We are confident you will see why we have never used anybody else!


Colombian Carnations and Spray Carnations

Flores de la Hacienda is a family owned business with 30 years of experience in the production and marketing of carnations and spray carnations. The company is dedicated to the progress and well-being of every one of its collaborators, their families, and the community. Above all, Flores de la Hacienda is proud of taking care of the environment for a more sustainable future.


Colombian Roses and Carnations

Sagaro is a family-owned farm located in Bogota that has built a reputation for producing some of the finest roses in the world. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail has resulted in roses that are not only beautiful, but also long-lasting and vibrant in colour. The farm is known for its extensive range of rose varieties, including classic favourites and unique, one-of-a-kind hybrids. Sagaro's roses stand out among the rest and are highly sought after, yet only supply a select few in the UK.


Colombian Alstromeria

Suasuque is a family-owned farm that began growing carnations and roses and slowly diversified its offerings in the 1990s. By 2004, they decided to focus exclusively on Alstroemeria, a flower they found to be their potential, expertise, and passion. The farm is located in the green and hilly valley of Sopó, 35km northeast of Bogotá, where the microclimate allows for distinctively intense colour and long vase life of the Alstroemeria flowers due to higher rainfall averages, lower sunlight levels, and cooler middays.' The perfect location for the perfect flower'

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